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What is Viagra Super Force?

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You know that there are many “modifications” of Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) drugs. One of the most popular is generic Viagra Super Force.
Viagra Super Force is the medicine that created to treat men erectile dysfunction (ED, erectile dysfunction, male impotence).
The main difference between generic Viagra Super Force and usual Viagra pills is the formula, that helps to achieve and maintain an eraction faster and longer.
You should remember that Viagra Super Force does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

How Viagra Super Force works?

Viagra Super Force (Sildenafil) relaxes muscles and helping to increase powerful blood flow in your penis during its stimulation. It causes great effect, initiating an eraction. Viagra Super Force dissolves immediately in your body, active ingredients absorbed by blood stream very fast. So it can start to work in an hour.

Medical uses

Sexual dysfunction
The primary indication of Viagra Super Force is treatment of erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

What is erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) characterized by an inability of man’s penis to achieve ( or maintain) an erection sufficient for sexual activity.
Almost all men had at least one symptom of erectile dysfunction in their lives. The studies showed that 50% of all men after 40 have some degree of ED. The degree of ED are classified from being able to get a full erection lasts several minutes (premature ejaculation) to not be able to get erection at all.

The main causes of Erectile dysfunction are:
• diabetes,
• smoking,
• obesity,
• the age (after 40)
• high blood pressure
• side affect from medications,
• depression, stress (nervous system disorders),
• hormonal abnormalities (low serum testosterone for example)
• heart diseases

Men’s libido is complicated process, that includes dozens of factors: the brain, hormones, emotions, feelings, nerves, muscles, blood vessels. If there is malfunction in working some of these factors it will cause the ED.

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)

Pulmonary hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. It makes the right side of the heart need to work harder than normal.

Shortness of breath or light-headedness during activity is often the first symptom. Fast heart rate (palpitations) may be present. Over time, symptoms occur with lighter activity or even while at rest.

• Ankle and leg swelling
• Bluish color of the lips or skin (cyanosis)
• Chest pain or pressure, usually in the front of the chest
• Dizziness or fainting spells
• Fatigue
• Weakness

People with pulmonary hypertension often have symptoms that come and go. They report good days and bad days.

Altitude sickness (also known as Mountain sickness)
Mountain sickness a syndrome caused by low inspired oxygen pressure (as at high altitude).
• nausea,
• headache,
• dyspnea,
• malaise,
• insomnia

Viagra Super Force dosage information

Viagra Super Force is usually taken orally 1 hour before sexual activity with a glass of water (please, don’t use grapefruit juice or grapefruit). The effect of Viagra Super Force tablets lasts 15 hours. (The greatest activity is achieved in 3 hours after taken the tablets). To achieve an erection you can only with sexual stimulation! Don’t take more than 1 pill a day. Maximum daily dose is 25 mg in a 28-hour period.

Possible side affects Viagra Super Force

Like any other medicine, Viagra Super Force may cause adverse reactions.
Buying Viagra Super Force online be careful and follow the dosage instructions attentively.
• headache,
• diarrhea,
• indigestion,
• flushing

You should visit doctor as soon as possible if you have:
• allergic reactions
• breathing problems or pain in chest (irregular or fast heartbeat)
• changes in hearing or problems with vision
• painful erection (lasting more than 4 hours)
• any kind of seizures

You should try Viagra Super Force as great alternative for injections, suppositories, vacuum devices or penile implants.

Before taking medicine, you should consult with doctor or pharmacist. In the case, if you know for certain the type of your disease and you don’t need the recommendation about dosage you can easily buy generic Viagra Super Force online without a prescription here.

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